Art Ideas Blog Eight: Origami King Tut Mask

Unique Children's Art Ideas

May 9th was the birthday of a certain Howard Carter, the British Archaeologist famous for discovering the tomb of King Tutankhamen – or King Tut for short! When thinking of some Ancient Egypt-inspired kid’s craft ideas to mark this special birthday we made a discovery of our own over at - an amazing origami King Tut mask that would fit perfectly in an A4 Single Gallery Kids Frame!

Blog, Tutankhamun mask (Marcela Brina) origami

In true Articulate style, we dug out our colouring pens and got to work excavating our very own version of King Tut. We finished the craft off with some cool hieroglyphics to make it extra authentic.

P.S This one’s a little tricky so mummies (not the Egyptian kind) may be required to help!

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