Our story


Articulate is a family owned and run business, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We designed and produced a range of slot-sided picture frames to allow creative kids to proudly display their artistic endeavours. 

We are Colin (dad), Eona (mum), Todd and Murray (12 and 10 years old respectively).

We are noisy, red-headed and funny.

We also care very much about children accessing and participating in the arts and so Eona has founded the Articulate Cultural Trust, a charity that promotes engagement in creative learning.  We recently supported an exhibition called Through the Lens, a digital photography project and exhibition with care experienced young people in Glasgow. 

The Idea for The Articulate Gallery

The idea for these really simple picture frames came about as a result of mum Eona Craig’s frustration with ‘fridge door’ art. Simply sticking the mini masterpieces created by her then two year old son onto kitchen appliances seemed inappropriate. Instead, she conceptualised the frame to celebrate children’s creativity in a way that is fun as well as functional.

The Prototype

Eona’s husband, Colin Gilchrist developed the prototype and has been instrumental in moving the project into manufacture, selling throughout the UK, importing from overseas, then exporting back out to overseas markets and also getting onto the telly.

Facing the Dragons

Colin and Eona sucessfully negotiated the fearsome Dragons in their Den on BBC2 and then Colin conquered Habitat on Britain's Next Big Thing with this little frame that does something so simple yet meaningful in such an effective way. 

What next for this bite-sized, award-winning wee company?

Articulate (Scotland) Limited

Articulate (Scotland) Limited is a member of the Giftware Association, the British Jewellery and Giftware Federation, the British Jewellery and Giftware International and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.