What's the shipping cost?

We ship same day for free! That is in USA and UK anyway. 

How soon can I get my order?

Well, if you order in UK we ship same day for next day delivery. There's a cut off time of about 2pm. If you order in Europe it should be with you in four business days and if you order in USA we ship same day but the geography can mean it takes a few days.

How do you hang The Articulate Gallery?

The Articulate Gallery is designed to hang on a single fixing in the wall (screw or nail) so that the frame can be rotated quickly, to hang either portrait or landscape, as you change your artwork exhibition.

Simply slip one of the three holes on the reverse of the frame over your chosen fixing and the gallery will be ready to use.

Notice the holes on the short sides are off centre so that the frame hangs level. The open side is lighter so it needs to be this way. There's also a slot at the top of the hole to allow minor adjustment.

Is The Articulate Gallery available in other colours?

Not yet, but watch this space... 

What are the frames made of?

The frames are made of MDF (medium density fibreboard) with a polyurethane paint finish. The MDF is California 93120 compliant for formaldehyde Phase 2, which means that the level of formaldehyde evaporation at 73 degrees Fahrenheit is below or at accepted/legal level. It is safe and since MDF is made from recycled waste wood fibres it is environmentally friendly.

Is there glass in the front?

No,  we deliberately left the front with no glass so you can frame the 3D creations with cotton wool or pasta stuck on. It really helps those pictures pop out.

How deep is the frame and how many pictures can I keep in there?

The frames are about 1.5cm deep. This size was optimised so that a single picture doesn't sag too much and to make it easy to slide them in, including the 3D ones. You could keep lots of 2D pictures in there but the frame gets a bit full when there's a dozen paintings in it.

Where do you make them?

We manufacture in China where they are made by hand ensuring good quality.

What packaging do they come in?

Each frame is carefully packed in a recyclable brown cardboard box with a moisture proof shrink wrap and protective cardboard corners. We updated the packaging in November 2019 so that it is more environmentally friendly. The new packaging doesn't need over boxing to protect it from mail order handling and it has a space for the shipping labels to be applied directly on to it. This saves the environment by reducing the amount of packaging materials used and also by being recyclable cardboard. No pesky blister packs here.


Why don't you supply fixings?

Simply because we can't guess what kind of wall you have. You just need to ensure the fixing you use won't fall out the wall.

Will the frame stand on a table?

Well, kind of but it'll probably fall over. Colin has used a plate stand to display the frames at trade shows on tables. That works really well.