Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas

Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Fathers Day Crafty Tie Snake

5. Crafty Snake Tie from Make and Takes. Although it's a Father's Day gift idea on the Make and Takes website, this would work equally as well as a fun little Chinese New Year craft project!

Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Chinese paper lanterns

4. Chinese Paper Lanterns from Jellyfish Jelly (update: Sadly this link is broken. Here's another great paper lantern tutorial from Paper Kawaii using paper cups!). Such a great effect for something so simple to make! They look very pretty hanging up too.

scary paper dragons, Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas

3. Scary Paper Dragons from Naturally Educational. Ah! Oh so scary, oh so simple. Any excuse to put googly eyes on something is also a bonus.

Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Chinese dragon puppet

2. Chinese Dragon Puppet from Free Kids Crafts. We absolutely love the effect created here with such simple and easy to find materials. Did you know the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Chinese culture?

Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Toilet paper snake roll

1. Toilet Paper Roll Snakes from eighteen25. Again, we can't pass up the chance to stick googly eyes on something. Add that to the fact that this is the perfect excuse to recycle those old toilet rolls and you can't go wrong with this fun-filled craft activity.

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Have a Happy Chinese New Year from The Articulate Gallery!