Top 5 Easter Crafts

Easter is a great time of year. Spring is springing, flowers blossoming and the sun shines. It's also a great excuse for some really fun crafts (like we need an excuse!) So, as it's Easter, we thought we would show you our top 5 favourite crafts for April.

Bunny Ears Crown

Easter is never complete without the Easter Bunny. No rabbits in your household? No problem! Let the kids run wild this Easter with their very own bunny ears crown. These look amazing and they're so easy to make, let KidSpot show you how here.

Hanging Blown Easter Egg

Christmas isn't the only time to hang decorations. These beautifully decorated eggs can be hung anywhere, look fantastic around the house and the best part is, you can use old craft materials from around the house to decorate them anyway you want! Have a look at how KidSpot have decorated theirs here.

Top Tip: Blown Eggs - We love decorating eggs for Easter, but it's such a shame when all your hard work is wasted because the eggs go bad. With this simple trick you can hang your perfectly decorated Easter eggs without worrying about them rotting.

Honey Bunny Bookmark

Our next Easter craft idea comes from none other than Martha Stewart. These bookmarks are ridiculously  cute and can be used all year round. Simply download the template, find the cutest picture of your little one (no age limits apply) and get sticking! See the step by step tutorial here.

Wine Cork Chicks

This is the perfect, simple craft that can be made with craft materials you have around the house. Adults, you get to enjoy this craft too. Why? Well, for this one we'll need some wine corks. Once you have the wine corks, crack out the yellow paint and get crafty! This method is great for Easter cards, egg decoration... basically anything you can think of. You could even use material paint and create some cool t-shirts. See the simple tutorial from Crafty Morning here.

Sock Bunnies and Chicks

Spring is the season to see all the cute baby animals - so why not make your own. A simple variation on the traditional sock puppet from Martha Stewart, these cute sock bunnies and chicks make for a fun Easter craft. Chances are you have the materials lying around the house too! Whether you choose to send them as gifts or display them around the house - we know you'll have a lot of fun making them! See the simple tutorial here.

Whether you're rolling eggs down a hill or having the family over, Happy Easter!