Top 5 Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

top five Halloween craft ideas for kids, Candy Pumpkin

5. Candy Character from Martha Stewart's Halloween Central. The perfect way to have a bit of fun with a pumpkin this Halloween without getting messy, gunky pumpkin innards everywhere!

top five Halloween craft ideas for kids, Ghostly Footprints

4. Ghostly Footprints from Silver Star Kitchen's Halloween Crafts. This is super simple and super effective. A fun Halloween decoration, chock full of potential.

top five Halloween craft ideas for kids, Toilet Paper Pumpkins and ghost pops

3. Toilet Paper Pumpkins and Ghost Pops from One Charming Party's Halloween School Party Craft Station. Great craft activities for the classroom, lots of fun and great results!

top five Halloween craft ideas for kids, halloween pasta skeleton

2. Halloween Pasta Skeleton from Art Projects for Kids. We love this, such a terrific effect from easy to find materials. Another project ideally suited for either the classroom or a rainy day at home.

top five Halloween craft ideas for kids, halloween spook banners

1. Halloween Spook Banner from Organize & Decorate Everything. This fun banner will add a little something extra to any Halloween party at home or at school. Fun, simple to make and inexpensive, we reckon this is a must-do this Halloween.

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Happy Halloween from The Articulate Gallery!