Articulate in the Media

Articulate have been fortunate enough to have been featured in a number of print articles and television appearances. Here are a select few:

On Television

'I love it. I'd buy one.' Duncan Bannatyne, Dragons' Den 

'They are a present for my wife who thought the Dragons were wrong.'
Howard Davies, Chippenham

'What a cracking product. I'm stunned the Dragons didn't invest!'
James Brown. Bishop Auckland

In summer 2011 we were featured in BBC2s 'Britain's Next Big Thing'.  The cameras followed Colin as he made a successful pitch to Habitat to be added to their autumn/winter range.  Habitat developed the frames with us in vibrant hues and they were available right across Europe in Habitat stores before the economic climate took a turn for the worse and Habitat were forced to re-structure their business.  We are ever hopeful that we can become re-acquainted with this iconic brand as they rebuild ...

The frames were featured on This Morning with Amanda Holden and Phil Schofield, sorry for the poor quality it came as a real surprise and we had to film the tv.

The DIY network picked up on the frames and put them on their 'I want That' show so thanks to them...

More recently in 2019 we saw the frames on the Really channel where Sarah Beeny was showing a couple how our great frames can help tidy up the playroom in "Renovate Don't Relocate".

In Print

'Children's artwork can be the biggest culprit of kitchen clutter, but keep an eye out for The Articulate Gallery frames - a simple, fun way of storing and showcasing kids' pictures.'  The Independent

'The Articulate Gallery makes a great gift for any occasion and for any family member. Imagine the pride the child will feel when they see their artwork framed in their grandparent’s, auntie’s or uncle’s house. These can be used to acknowledge the passing seasons or annual festivals, celebrate birthdays and events, from baby hand and potato prints to even the most sophisticated teenage collage or design.'   Field and Rural Life Magazine

'Articulate (Scotland) Ltd, founded by Colin Gilchrist and wife Eona Craig after "becoming frustrated with having to stick their son's paintings on their fridge", has now sold over 30,000 of the frames, and is in talks to secure deals to make the product available in stores in the US, Australia and Canada.' The Sunday Herald, 2012

December 13th 2019 newsflash.......

We have been mentioned in the 'Today Show' website Big thanks to them!

We were featured in our favorite women’s magazine Daily Mom

Featured on Daily Mom