The Eco Gallery - Made for bulk order.
The Eco Gallery - Made for bulk order.
The Eco Gallery - Made for bulk order.

The Eco Gallery - Made for bulk order.

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Perfect for eco or arts projects and parties.

There is now an eco-friendly frame as part of The Articulate Gallery; perfect for schools and families who value their kids’ artwork as well as the environment. 

For the planet-aware these new cardboard art frames for children are perfect for eco, enterprise and arts projects involving the creativity of the whole class or fabulous for arty birthday parties.

The Articulate Eco Gallery is:

  • Absorbing – children are inspired by their own and others’ creativity and inventiveness
  • Affordable – value for money for the school, parents, the enterprise team or arty parties
  • Brandable – for the pupil, the class and the arts, enterprise or eco project
  • Curriculum supportive – the enterprise, creativity and eco agendas
  • Decorate-able – with glitter, stickers, baubles, beads, tinsel
  • Durable – made from attractive and strong, double-walled corrugated cardboard
  • Environmentally friendly – recyclable, biodegradable, made from 66% recycled material
  • Interactive – a blank canvas for the creativity and enterprise of the class
  • Re-usable – easily dis-assembled and stored in original flat state between exhibitions
  • Safe and simple – easy to use and ISO compliant
  • Versatile – the only limitation is your own imaginations ...

The frames come flat-packed in boxes of 20, ready to be decorated and hung in any eco-exhibition.

‘Art is childish and childlike.’
Damian Hirst