Top 5 Christmas Crafts Ideas For Kids

top five christmas craft ideas for kids, santa and friends felt finger puppets

5. Santa & Friends Felt Finger Puppets from Urban Comfort. Not only would these be fun to make, they'd provide plenty of entertainment after too! These happy little guys could also make for some fantastic Christmas tree ornaments.

top five christmas craft ideas for kids, snowman refrigerator

4. The Snowman Refrigerator from Andrew and Hillary. This would be a "cool" surprise for the kids when they got home from school or woke up one morning.

top five christmas craft ideas for kids, hand print santa

3. Handprint Santa from Handprint and Footprint Art. Everyone loves a bit of fingerpainting, and this Jolly Santa handprint looks like loads of fun!

top five christmas craft ideas for kids, shredded paper snowman

2. Shredded Paper Snowman from Baby Center. This is a terrific effect and the perfect way to recycle shredded documents. Plus no frostbite!

top five christmas craft ideas, button christmas tree

1. Button Christmas Tree from Meet the Dubiens. Adorable and simple, this is a tree-mendously colourful craft activity!

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Have a Merry Christmas from The Articulate Gallery!